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People who have been injured due to the negligence of others deserve justice. We will handle your legal matter so that you can focus on healing and treatment.  We will pursue your legal rights and fight for the maximum compensation that the law allows. The firm can forward the legal expenses of your case, and we only get paid if there is a successful resolution.  If you have been hurt at a construction site, in a car accident, falling or at work, contact us for a free consultation.
In these difficult times, we sometimes cannot meet our expenses as they become due. The law protects whether the reason may be the loss of a job, illness, foreclosure, etc. People in tough financial times are often assaulted with endless collections calls, advertisements to “get out of debt” and eviction.  Learn your legal rights. Bankruptcy may be the correct tool to formulate a workable repayment plan, stop foreclosure and other legal proceedings, and reduce or eliminate your debts. Even if bankruptcy is not appropriate, we may be able to defend against a foreclosure action or help modify your mortgage to protect your home.


Since 1995, Daniel Melucci of the Melucci Firm, P.C. has been advising and helping people with personal injuries and through financial difficulties. Consultation is always free, so get the facts.  Often people think they understand the legal process, particularly when hurt or the workings of bankruptcy and foreclosure. They make sometimes incorrect assumptions through what their friends have told them or what they saw on the internet.  Often, this information is not complete or accurate. Usually, it does not apply as people think.  Schedule a free consultation today. Become informed. Learn your options. Formulate a plan.

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