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Areas of Practice

The Melucci Firm, P.C. handles matters in several practice areas.


If you cannot meet your expenses as they become due, bankruptcy may be right for you. I will sit down with you, ask you questions to fully understand your situation, answerour  questions, and then present you with your options, including the costs involved.  After that, you decide how you would like to proceed.


Often, people express a great deal of relief just from knowing the facts.

Personal Injury

​I've helped recover millions of dollars for accident victims.  If you have been injured through the fault of another, contact me for a free consultation so you can obtain the compensation which the law permits.


I've handled matters involving workplace injuries, automobile accidents, trip and fall, ceiling collapse and many other types of matters.

Foreclosure Defense


Whether it is litigating with the bank or helping you through the modification procedure, I can help to protect your home.


Many times, homeowners do not know that there are various options available when they can no longer afford their mortgage payments.


Every situation is unique.  Schedule a free consultation and find out how best to deal with your mortgage issues.


Estate Matters

I evaluate your estate planning needs and prepare Wills and Trusts so you can have peace of mind knowing that your heirs will be taken care of, and to minimize the chance of loss due to Medicaid or nursing home expenses.


I can help probate estates whether or not the deceased left a Will or Trust, and litigate to make sure probate has been done fairly and correctly.

Litigation With Creditors


When creditors start a lawsuit, you should not ignore it.  Proper legal representation could be the difference between a judgment and garnishment, or a favorable settlement or dismissal.


Just because a creditor started a lawsuit does not mean they are right or can meet their burden of proof in court.  I will fight for you in court.



Business Matters

Whether it is forming a new business or commercial litigation, Melucci Firm, P.C. can help your business.  In today's business climate, it is important to have proper representation. Problems and disputes are more prevelant than ever.


I've handled matters ranging from simple incorporations to complex business disputes.

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